The project should be based on original research on any topic or aspect of Indian cinema - its history, aesthetics, technology, sociology or economics.

This fellowship carries a monthly allowance of Rs.5,000/- for a period of one year. In addition, a contingency allowance of Rs.25,000/- will be reimbursed towards travel, secretarial assistance, stationery etc. The project should be based on original research and could be on any topic or aspect of Indian cinema - its history, aesthetics, technology, sociology or economics.


The objective of the monograph is to document and analyze the career and filmography of a pioneering film personality whose precious contributions to Indian cinema require research and exploration.

Those awarded a monograph project are entitled to an allowance of Rs.30,000/- as consolidated fee. The project should be completed within six months of acceptance of the proposal. The scope of the monograph includes biographical information on any pioneering Indian film personality with a comprehensive annotated filmography, a resume of previous published material relating to the artist, a bibliography and 20-25 illustrations including some working stills. An essay not more than 700 words describing the significance of the personality should be enclosed in the application.


Through a filmed interview, the project should document the work of person (s) whose contributions to Indian cinema and its study are invaluable.

Each project carries an allowance of Rs.1,000/- per hour of recorded audio-visual time of interview with a maximum limit of Rs.10,000/- for each film personality. A contingency allowance of Rs. 15,000/- will be reimbursed towards travel, camera hiring charges etc. The project should be on any living pioneering film personality and the interview should reveal details of their career and highlight the personality's special contribution to Indian cinema, memorable information about contemporaries and associates, working conditions prevailing during the period etc. A transcription of the interview should be submitted to NFAI along with the DVDs. A letter of consent from the film personality to be interviewed should invariably be attached to the application. The applicant should give a one-page writeup on the reasons for choosing the personality for this project along with the application.


     -   Research scholars, journalists, critics and others with a serious approach to cinema as a medium of art and communication are eligible to apply.

     -   Knowledge of research methodology will be an advantage.

     -   The applicant must be minimum 21 years of age, a citizen of India and must possess a graduate degree of any recognized University or its equivalent.

     -   The applicant must have previously published 5 articles/essays. (Photocopies of the same have to be enclosed with the application)

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Deadline for submission : March 31st, 2024

Kindly fill the application form and send it with all the necessary enclosures to:
The Manager,
NFDC-National Film Archive of India,
Law College Road, Pune - 411004